SAP CPI Course

  • Duration: 40 Hours
  • Mode of Training: Online
  • Weekdays Batch: Monday to Friday
  • Batches Available: Morning and Evening
  • Trainer: 10+ years of Industry Expert with 6+ years experience on SAP CPI and corporate training experience.

1. Master data integration from SF EC to SFTP.

2 .Integrating On-premise SQL server to salesforce system.

1. No pre-requisite required to start the learning.
2. Having the knowledge/experience in SAP PI/PO or any middleware tool is addon.
3. Having logical thinking is addon.

1. Anyone can learn this course who want to be SAP integration consultant.
2. Anyone who want to move to cloud integration.


Topics Covered

  • What is Integration 
  • What is Middleware 
  • What is SAP CPI 
  • SAP CPI Certification
  • Technical System architecture
  • SAP CPI Tenant
  • SAP Cloud Cockpit
  • Secure Communication
  • Consuming Prepackaged Content 
  • Configure Integration package
  • Modify prepackaged content
  • Prepackaged Content provided by SAP

Creating your own content Package

  • SAP Cloud platform
  • SAP Cloud Connector
  • Content Modifier
  • Content enricher
  • Data transformation and mappings
  • Content based routing
  • Sender and Receiver steps
  • Integration process and Local Sub process
  • Exception Sub process
  • Events
  • Filters
  • Asynchronous Message Handling
  • Message Converter and Decoder
  • Splitter, Gather and Aggregator
  • Multicast and Join
  • Timer-Based Message Transfer
  • Structuring of Large integration flows
  • Message persistence
  • Data Store Operation
  • Working with Value mappings
  • SOAP Adapters
  • Success Factors Adapters
  • Mail Adapter
  • OData Adapter
  • IDOC Adapter
  • HTTP Adapter
  • SFTP Adapter
  • RFC Adapter
  • FTP Adapter
  • AS2/AS4 Adapter
  • JMS Adapter
  • Monitor message operations
  • Manage integration content
  • Manage security material
  • Transport level Security Options (TLS)
  • Message-level Security Options (MLS)
  • Data Protection and Data flow Security
  • Certificate based Communication
  • Private Key and Public Key certificate
  • Digital Signature
  • Authentication and OAuth scenario
  • User administration and Authorization
  • Build complete end to end flow for a logistics Business
    • Warehouse Search
    • Consume iflows
    • Warehouse condition based routing
    • Message conversions (XML to JSON, XML to CSV and vice versa)
    • Content enricher
    • Expection subprocess
    • Email alerts
  • Payload monitoring
  • Trace Function
  • Enhancement features
  • Security Credentials
  • Key Store
  • Number Range Objects
  • Connection test
  • Integration content management
  • Transport Management
  • Cloud to On-Prem: SuccessFactors to SAP ERP HCM
  • SAP Cloud to Cloud: SuccessFactors to Hybris
  • SuccessFactors to 3rd party systems: SF to SFTP
  • Setup Cloud Connectors

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 SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) is a cloud-based integration platform provided by SAP. It enables organizations to connect and integrate various applications, systems, and data sources, both within and outside the enterprise. CPI offers tools and services for designing, executing, and monitoring integration flows.

To enroll in SAP CPI training programs offered by Growing Tree Technologies, you can visit their official website and follow the enrollment instructions provided there. Typically, you can register online or contact our team for assistance.

Yes, SAP CPI training programs from Growing Tree Technologies often provide access to course materials online. These materials may include video lectures, documentation, practical exercises, and real-world scenarios. Online access allows learners to study at their own pace and refer to the materials as needed.

The training programs offered by Growing Tree Technologies, including SAP CPI training, are designed to be flexible. They usually offer multiple scheduling options to cater to learners from different time zones and with varying availability. You can choose a training schedule that best suits your needs.

The duration of SAP CPI training programs may vary based on the specific course you choose. It’s advisable to check the course details on the Growing Tree Technologies website for information on the duration of the training.

 Practical sessions in SAP CPI training course involve hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios. You have access to a training environment where you can design and execute integration flows, work on assignments, and troubleshoot issues. Instructors and online platforms provide support during these practical sessions.

SAP CPI training programs at Growing Tree Technologies are typically delivered by experienced instructors who have expertise in SAP integration technologies. These instructors have certifications and practical experience in working with SAP CPI.

The salary of SAP CPI Consultants can vary depending on factors such as location, experience, job role, and industry. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, SAP CPI Consultants in the United States could earn an average annual salary ranging from $80,000 to $130,000 or more, depending on their experience and skills. Salary ranges may differ in other regions and countries.

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