• Duration: 60 Hours
  • Mode of Training: Online
  • Batches Available: Morning and Evening
  • Trainer: 15+ years experienced Certified Professional Trainer.

One sample project in the course duration.

No requirements are needed to do the SAP FICO training

Having knowledge in SAP, will be additional advantage

Any Graduate student or Post-Graduate student or Job seeker looking to find employment in the domain of SAP FICO


Topics Covered

Advantages of SAP Over Other ERP Systems
What is SAP R/3 FICO?
What is ERP?
Multi-Client and Landscape
SAP R/3 Architecture
Transport Requests – Create
Types of Messages
Difference between R/1, R/2, and R/3
3 M’s

Assignment of Company to Company Code
Business Area
Assign Chart of Accounts to Company Code
Chart of Accounts
Account Group
Fiscal Year and Shortend Fiscal Year
Allocate a Fiscal Year Variant to Company Code
Retained Earnings Account
Field Status Variant and Allocate it to Company Code
Tolerance Groups for GL Accounts and Employees
Allocate Tolerance Groups to UsersPosting Period Variant and Assign it to Company Code
Open and Close Posting Period Variant
Document Types
Organisation Structure in EC01
Global Parameters
Sort Key Configuration in OB16

Display, Change, Block, and Unblock GL Account
Document Entry Posting (F-02, FB50, FB01)
Create GL Accounts in FSP0, FSS0, and FS00
Parked and Hold Documents
Display GL Balances Report and Account Line Items Report
Steps for Creating Sample Document
Handle Prepaid Expenses with Recurring Documents (Accrued and Prepaid Insurance)
Posting with Sample Documents
Individual Documents Reversal
Mass Reversal
Open Time Management
Accrual/Deferral Documents
Clear GL Account (F-03)
Clearing Types (Standard, Partial, Residual)
Posting with Clearing (F-07)
Transaction and Master Data Tables
GL Open Item and Cleared Item Tables
Mass Changes to Line Item Report
Chart of Accounts Types and Reporting (F.01)

Create Number Ranges for Vendor Master Records
Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups
Create Vendor Account Group
Create Vendor Master XK01/FK01/MK01 (Change, Display, Unblock, Block
Vendor Master)
Account Clearing and Posting Using Clearing on Vendor
Advance Payments Settings to Parties (Down Payment)
Posting Vendor Transactions (Payment Posting, Invoice Posting, and Credit Memo)
Down Payment Clearing Against Invoices (Special GL Transactions)
Configuration of Automatic Payment Programme with SEPA Format
House Banks and Bank Master Data
Payment Documents Reversal
Payment Order

Develop Number of Ranges for Customer Master Records
Assign Number Ranges for Customer Account Groups
Create Customer Account Groups
Create Customer Master XD01/FD01/VD01 (Change, Display, Block, Unblock
Vendor Master)
Posting of Customer Transactions (Payment Posting, Sales Invoice Posting,
and Debit Memo)
Advance Payment Settings for Parties (Down Payment)
Settings for Dunning and Dunning Letters Emailing to Customers Configuration
Posting with Clearing and Account Clearing
Interest Calculation of Customer Line Item

LSMW (Vendor, Asset, GL Master Data, and Customer)

Create 0% Tax Codes for Sales and Purchased
Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code
Chart of Depreciation
Screen Lay Out Rules
Account Determination
Number Ranges for Asset Classes
Depreciation Key
Multilevel Methods
General Ledger and Posting Rules
Create Main and Sub Asset Master Records
Fixed Assets Acquisition and Sales
Asset Accounting
Depreciation Run
Asset Explorer and Documents
Revaluation and Impairment of Asset
Report of Asset History
Asset Accounting
Depreciation Run
Asset Evaluation Groups
Unplanned and Missed Depreciation

Document Splitting Parallel Ledgers

Financial Statement Version (FSV)

Number Ranges for Controlling Area
Maintain Plan Versions
What is Controlling Area?

Create Cost Elements – Manual and Automatic
Display and Change of Cost Element Master Records
Create Primary Cost Elements from FI and CO
Primary and Secondary Cost Element Categories

Display, Change for Cost Centre Master Records
Create Cost Centre Groups
Create Cost Centres and Cost Centre Groups
Hierarchy of Cost Centre
Actual and Variance Reports
Cost Centres Planning

Create Dummy Profit Centres
Fundamental Settings for Profit Centre Accounting
Create, Display, and Change Profit Centre Master Records

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SAP FICO, which stands for SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling, is a comprehensive financial management solution offered by SAP, a leading enterprise software company. SAP FICO is an integral part of SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which helps organizations manage their financial transactions, accounting, and reporting processes. It is designed to support various financial and accounting functions within an organization.

No prior experience in finance or SAP is required to enroll in the SAP FICO course. The course is designed to accommodate learners with varying levels of expertise, from beginners to experienced professionals.

The course typically includes practical projects that allow participants to apply the concepts and skills they’ve learned to real-world scenarios. These projects involve tasks like configuring financial modules in SAP, creating financial reports using S4 HANA, or solving finance-related business challenges. The goal is to provide hands-on experience and reinforce learning through practical application.

The online training sessions for the SAP FICO with S4 HANA course are conducted in a live, instructor-led format. Participants join virtual sessions in real-time, interact with the instructor, and have the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarifications, and engage in discussions. This interactive format enhances the learning experience and fosters immediate feedback.

The course provides support for interview preparation. This support include guidance on common interview questions related to SAP FICO with S4 HANA, mock interview sessions, and tips for excelling in job interviews. The aim is to help participants build confidence and readiness for job interviews in the field.

The course typically offers flexible training schedules, including morning and evening batches. This flexibility allows participants from different time zones and with diverse schedules to choose a timing that suits their needs. It ensures accessibility and adaptability for learners.

If you encounter technical or course-related challenges during the training, the course is designed to offer robust support. Troubleshooting scenarios may be provided to help you navigate and resolve issues effectively. Additionally, instructors and support staff are available to assist you in overcoming obstacles and ensuring a smooth learning experience.

The trainer’s extensive experience in SAP FICO and S4 HANA brings valuable insights and practical knowledge to the course. Learners benefit from real-world examples, best practices, and industry-specific insights shared by the experienced trainer. This expertise enhances the relevance of the course content and its applicability in professional settings.

After completing the course, participants receive post-training assistance to address queries and challenges they encounter while applying their SAP FICO with S4 HANA knowledge in real-world scenarios. This ongoing support ensures that learners have access to guidance and solutions as they transition from learning to practical implementation.

Real-world industry-specific scenarios incorporated into the course provide participants with practical insights into how SAP FICO with S4 HANA is applied in authentic business contexts. Engaging with these scenarios helps learners bridge the gap between theory and practice, enabling them to apply SAP solutions effectively in industry-specific scenarios. It enhances their proficiency and readiness for real-world challenges.

The course completion certificate serves as tangible proof of your successful completion of the SAP FICO with S4 HANA course. It showcases your commitment to upgrading your skills and your readiness to contribute effectively to financial management and accounting processes. Additionally, the certificate can enhance your professional profile and job opportunities in the SAP FICO and S4 HANA domain.

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