Selenium (Manual Testing + Java)

  • Duration: 50– 60 Hours
  • Mode of Training: Online
  • Batches Available: Morning, Evening & Weekend
  • Trainer: Having 10+ Years of Experience and Certified Professional

1) Start career in software testing 

2) Easy switch from Manual to Automation with high packages.

3) High Demand for QA engineer for selenium automation

  1. None, All prerequisites are taken care as part of course
  2. No testing experience is required. Everything is explained from the Scratch in this tutorial
  3. Basic idea on working with computer is advantage

  1. Basic knowledge of software testing
  2. Basic idea of any programming is advantage

  1. Fresher who wants to start their in Software testing 
  2. Manual Testers who wants to switch to Automation testing
  3. Automation testers who wants to enhance their current skills
  4. Test Managers
  5. Business Analysts, Developers are curious to learn Automation


Topics Covered

Manual Testing

  1. Software testing life cycle 
  2. Test case preparation 
  3. Test summary reports 
  4. Test management & Bug life cycle 
  5. Black box testing 
  6. Test execution 
  7. Testing techniques 

Agile Topics

  1. Agile Manifesto and Principles 
  2. Agile Methodologies 
  3. Scrum Framework

Scrum Basics & Framework


  1. User Stories 
  2. Product Backlog 
  3. Backlog Refinement


  1. Relative Estimation 
  2. Story Points 
  3. Planning Poker


  1. Velocity 
  2. Release Planning 
  3. Sprint Planning 
  4. Sprint Backlog 
  5. Daily Scrum

Scrum Events

  1. Sprint 
  2. Sprint Planning 
  3. Daily Scrums 
  4. Sprint Review 
  5. Sprint Retrospective

Scrum Roles

  1. Product Owner 
  2. Development Team 
  3. Scrum Master

Agile Monitoring

  1. Velocity 
  2. Sprint Burndown chart 
  3. Release Burndown Chart 
  4. Release Burnup Chart 
  5. Impediment List

Automation Testing


  1. Automation testing 
  2. Selenium features 
  3. Selenium Webdriver architecture 
  4. Programming language
  5. Installing Eclipse
  6. Setting Environment variable

Basic Java

  1. Variables and Datatypes
  2. Loops statement 
  3. Conditional statement 
  4. Class, objects and Methods (Basic)
  5. Local & global variable
  6. String Class
  7. Passing parameter in method and return values
  8. Polymorphism
  9. Single & multi-dimensional arrays 
  10. Inheritance
  11. Interface
  12. Constructor
  13. Method overriding
  14. Abstract class
  15. Super, This and final keyword
  16. Arraylist
  17. Map and Hash Map 
  18. Exception handling


  1. Install selenium
  2. Create first test case 
  3. Run Script Firefox  & chrome Browser
  4. Locators in Selenium
  5. Dynamic xpath
  6. Xapth in chrome and firefox
  7. Css selector
  8. Radio and check box
  9. Handle Dropdown
  10. Verify title page 
  11. Capture Screenshot
  12. Handle Alerts and frame
  13. Handle multiple window 
  14. Wait (Implicit & Explicit )
  15. Action class
  16. Right and double click
  17. Drag and Drop
  18. Mouse hover
  19. Scroll in selenium


  1. Introduction to TestNG 
  2. Installing TestNG Plug-in in Eclipse 
  3. Rules to write TestNG 
  4. Annotations 
  5. Grouping 
  6. Sequencing 
  7. Parameterization 
  8. Parallel/Cross Browser Testing 
  9. Introduction to Reports 
  10. Types of Reports

Apply to Selenium (Manual Testing + Java)


Selenium is a versatile open-source suite of tools and libraries designed for browser automation. Widely employed for functional testing, it enables users to assess website functionality across various browsers. Selenium is instrumental in conducting cross-browser testing to ensure consistent performance across different browser environments. This detailed guide from Browser Stack further explores the capabilities of Selenium in facilitating robust and efficient testing processes for web applications. 

In a Selenium course, participants delve into comprehensive coverage of automation testing, focusing on the specifics of frameworks and scripting with Selenium. These courses equip learners with practical skills for effectively automating the testing of web applications. Topics include understanding Selenium’s capabilities, creating robust test scripts, implementing testing frameworks, and gaining proficiency in leveraging Selenium for efficient and reliable web testing. The modules are designed to provide a thorough understanding of Selenium’s functionalities and their application in real-world testing scenarios.  

Learning Selenium brings numerous advantages, authorizing users to automate various browser operations like form-filling, button clicking, and navigation. Selenium facilitates the automation of tasks across different browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. One of its key benefits lies in ensuring cross-browser compatibility, with the added support for multiple windows. This automation testing tool proves invaluable for streamlining and enhancing the efficiency of web testing processes across diverse browser environments.  

Absolutely, beginners are welcome to enroll in Selenium courses, which are thoughtfully designed to accommodate individuals with varying levels of expertise. These courses provide step-by-step guidance, offering a supportive learning environment for those new to Selenium and automation testing. With a focus on building foundational knowledge and practical skills, beginners can confidently start on their journey to mastering Selenium and advancing their capabilities in automated web testing. 

Selenium courses comprehensively cover browser compatibility testing. Participants learn to use Selenium’s capabilities to ensure that web applications function seamlessly across different browsers. The course designates practical techniques for testing and validating the compatibility of applications on popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This aspect of the course equips learners with the skills needed to address and mitigate potential issues related to varying browser environments in the web development and testing process.  

Yes, Growing Tree Technologies provides post-completion access to course materials online. These materials may include video lectures, documentation, practical exercises, and real-world scenarios. Online access allows learners to refer to the materials as needed. 

Selenium courses often incorporate practical projects to provide hands-on experience in simulated real-world testing scenarios. These projects are designed to reinforce theoretical concepts and enable learners to apply their Selenium skills in authentic situations. By working on these real-world projects, participants gain valuable insights and practical proficiency, preparing them to tackle challenges commonly encountered in professional settings involving web automation testing using Selenium. 

We make a concerted effort to regularly update the Selenium course content, ensuring configuration with the dynamic trends within the industry. Recognizing the fast-paced nature of the technology sector, these courses prioritize keeping the material current. By incorporating the latest advancements and best practices, learners can be confident that the Selenium course content remains important, providing them with up-to-date knowledge and skills that reflect the current landscape of automation testing in the industry  

Online Selenium courses provide flexibility, enabling learners to tailor their study schedule according to their pace and preferences. With the convenience of accessing course materials from any location with internet connectivity, participants have the freedom to learn at a time and place that suits them. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for individuals managing other commitments, allowing them to efficiently balance their learning journey with other responsibilities. 

There is substantial demand for Selenium automation skills in the job market. As organizations increasingly highlight efficient software testing, professionals proficient in Selenium automation are sought after for their ability to streamline testing processes, enhance reliability, and contribute to the overall quality of software applications. Job opportunities for individuals with Selenium automation expertise are abundant, reflecting the tool’s prominence in the industry for ensuring robust and effective testing practices.

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